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Be honest- running your own business isn’t exactly how you dreamed it would be? You love your work but spend most of your time spinning your wheels and sweating your bottom line. You’re not alone. In fact, nearly 80% of new businesses fail in the first two years. Freelancers and entrepreneurs become disillusioned with a lack of scalability and financial stability. You forge a new client relationship only to watch it dissolve into a one-off job. There just isn’t enough time in the day to make the income you want and you aren’t sure how to raise your rates. Add-ons and scope creep are literally crushing your ability to stay afloat and you’re starting to doubt yourself.

how we do it


Let us show you how to maximize your efforts to reach and consult with clients anywhere in the world

Brand Building

Your name will become synonymous with authority that you can leverage to create more income.


Let your reputation precede you and watch your influencer status skyrocket all over the web


Dont get caught in the web of too much to do and not enough time. Let us show you how to scale without losing sleep.

Assess Resources

From physical assets to your skills, we’ll examine what you’re working with for shaping the future of your business

Geo Arbitration

We source international products and services and market them locally. Geography can’t stand in the way of your business with us

Market Selection

Does your ideal customer exist and do they have the money to pay the wage you desire? Did you pick the correct niche?

Create more...

Our team is skilled at analyzing your current services and implementing new income streams and boost existing ones

It's time to optimize Your Business and free yourself

Optimisation comes from proven guidance by a team of professionals who help others achieve their dreams daily. 

Ask for help, don’t just flounder. Your goals are within reach and you have the talent it takes to achieve them. Let us help you find ways to...


Generate Residual Income

Even when you are sleeping, you should be earning with multiple streams of residual income


Monetize Your Existing Web Presence

We have over 10 years of Experience in Selecting the right techniques for each goal


Client Cultivation

Cultivate a network of clients who rave about your services and come back for more.

Clients who talk about us

“If you run a business and you have not spoken with JGS to see how the company may be able to assist your company, then, put simply, you must be mad!

“JGS has been exceptionally thorough in their Help. There innovative ideas have had a profound impact on our business."

"When hiring JGS, I also kicked off one of the most rewarding professional relationships of my life. I owe them tons, and they’ve now got my loyalty for the long term."

"JGS took the vague vision in my head and turned it into something beautiful. I couldn’t be happier with the future they helped me create."

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